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Our Philosophy at FLEX

Building strength and confidence through the arts.


It is our aim to:


  • Foster a positive and encouraging environment for performing arts students and their families.

  • Encourage, support, and build confidence in our students.

  • Stress the importance of athleticism in dance through safe and effective conditioning.

  • Educate on proper technique in the arts while instilling important life skills such as work ethic, teamwork, resilience and accountability.

  • Contribute to our community in a meaningful way.

  • Hold ourselves and our students to a higher standard.

  • Provide our students with performance and enrichment opportunities.

  • Create an inclusive environment where people from all walks of life are welcome and supported.

  • Encourage body positivity.

  • Help our students reach their personal goals.

  • Have fun!


Our Story

Flex Your Muscles and Point Your Toes

In February of 2020 our dance home, Coastal Dance and Music Academy, closed it’s doors. It was a heartbreaking time for everyone that called it their second home. While our dance family was still reeling from the closure we entered the pandemic and the entire performing arts industry came to an abrupt halt. Shows everywhere were cancelled and classes became virtual. Educators scrambled to adapt and try to stay connected to their students and keep their love of the arts alive. At this time Brianna was approached by a group of former CDMA students and asked to hold outdoor dance classes and she jumped at the chance. The driveway dance class was born.


It was during these classes and Brianna and Jennine began having conversations about the local need for a new performing arts studio and they decided to team up to make it happen. We like to think of FLEX as somewhat of a phoenix from the ashes. It is no secret that the recent state of the world has brought with it tremendous amounts of hurt and isolation. But Brianna, Jennine and their families believe the timing is right to start coming back together. They hope that FLEX will be a symbol of hope for their community and will bring joy and fellowship to the children and families of the Central Coast.

Our Story
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