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We greatly appreciate you considering making a donation to our studio. Your donation will make a difference to the quality and the depth of experience for our students. Donations will be earmarked for our scholarship fund which will allow students that have permanent or temporary financial limitations to receive help with their tuition payments. Additional areas where donations may be spent are towards more detailed set pieces for our spring and summer shows and to help us pay for outside performance opportunities such as parades, dances in the park, farmers markets, festivals, county and state fairs, and dance conventions. These opportunities often require permit fees, registration fees, insurance fees, transportation fees, and other additional costs. We may also choose to put your donation towards improving or expanding our studio spaces which may allow for more of a variety of classes and more availability for those classes that are full. If you wish to have your donation go specifically to one area please send an email to after you make your donation here on our website and he will be sure it is directed to the appropriate account.


We look forward to being able to utilize your donation to assist in enriching our students' experiences here at Flex Performing Arts. Any donation can make a difference. Even just a few dollars. If you know anyone who may be interested in helping to enrich the performing arts community here on the central coast please send them our way. We appreciate you.

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